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Relay of the Dolomites 2018

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Welcome to a new, unforgettable orienteering weekend in South Tyrol! 
On Saturday, 26th May an exciting middle distance orienteering competition organized by Sport Club Meran will take place at Wolfsgruben. 
On Sunday the 3rd edition of the Relay of the Dolomites will be held at the foot of Mount Rittner Horn. A breath-taking view and a new, challenging terrain on 1700m a.s.l. are waiting for you!

Competition formula
Each relay consists of 5 team members of the following classes:
Leg 1: open for all
Leg 2: WM-16 or WM+55
Leg 3: WM-18 or WM+45
Leg 4: women only
Leg 5: open for all

Entry fee
75 Euro until 30th April 2018
100 Euro until 14th May 2018

Entries for the Relay of the Dolomites can be made at www.datarun.it

With the entry to the Relay of the Dolomites the athlete gives the organization permission to take photographs of him/her and to use these photographs for marketing purposes.

25.5.2018: training
26.5.2018: Italian Cup Middle Distance
27.5.2018: Relay of the Dolomites

Additional training possibilities can be found here.

New 2018: Relay Kids WM-14
For the first time also children have their own competition - Kids Relay. There will be two classes: Boys and Girls. The relay is limited to kids between 10-14 years (born 2004 -2008). Each team consists of two athletes. It is strongly reccomended to compose club teams! All children start in a mass-start. The times of the 2 teammates will be summed up for the final result.

Entry via email: relay-dolomites@tolweb.net, including the following data: Class (Boys/Girls), Name, Surname, date of birth, gender, SI-Card, Club. 

Girls 1,8km
Boys 2km (girls are allowed to run in boys class)

Entry fee:
10 Euro per Team within 30th April 2018.
12 Euro per Team within 14th May 2018.
Payments: Terlaner Orientierungslauf, IBAN: IT 45 W 08269 58960 000300210366, SWIFT-BIC: RZSBIT21042

Embargoed Areas 2018



Results Relay of the Dolomites 
Split times Relay of the Dolomites
Results King & Queen of the hill

GPS 1. Leg ReLive
GPS 4. Leg ReLive
GPS 5. Leg ReLive

Results Middle distance


Results Relay of the Dolomites 2016
Results King of the Hill 2016
GPS Replay

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